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SteemCamp is a youth empowerment initiative aimed at eradicating unemployment and poverty in underdeveloped countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda etc, through the steem blockchain network.

Core Values



We empower youths with the activities of steem camp, we have laid out strategies to carry out skill acquisition workshops and talent development which will enable them stand out and become useful personnels in the society.


The society is in constant dynamism. Therefore there is need for revolutional change in the entertainment industry thereby paving way for unrecognised talents through decentralised steem blockchaiin network.


Producing ambassadors that will actively promote the steem blockchain network in their different catchment areas.


Steemcamp activities will serve as a massive online and offline publicity, generating organic traffic to the steem platform.

Event Activities

steem camp

One Steem Stage

This is an avenue to discover young talent in host countries. As we all know youths are filled with talent but do not have the finance to publicize and showcase their hidden creativity. Introducing them to the steem community will help give value to them as entertainers and vice versa.

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steem camp

The Steem Awards

This is a personality and prestigious award given to individuals who have contributed positively to the platform. These awards will be given by nomination in different categories. This medium will also be used to award non steemians who contributed towards the steem event thereby bringing them to the steem blockchain.

steem camp

Steem Pageant Show

Fashion and modelling(pageantry) is a trend in the entertainment industry, therefore we wish to follow the existing trend in the quest of bringing steem to the public and as well reward winners of the pageant contest.

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We work together to achieve greatness

Michael Chijioke

A theatre art graduate who is into choreography, event and art management.

Guillaume Cardinal Teamsteem

A Steem Witness, Crypto Enthusiast, Observant of the non-aggression principle towards all sentient beings.

Chidinma Geoffrey

An economist, model, singer, brand influencer and event organiser.

Casweeney Chisom

A creative web developer who builds impossibilities that lives on the internet.

Aust Jacobite

An inquisitive young man with the love of art and internet.

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Contact Details

Mobile: +234 [0] 701 213 3334
                +234 [0] 814 610 5249
                +234 [0] 703 679 8652
                +234 [0] 706 650 1946
Email:info@steemcamp.com Web:www.steemcamp.com

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